Heat Pump Replacement Services in Halifax

Deciding to replace an entire heat pump system is a big deal. We at Halifax Heat Pump Experts will help you make the best choice regarding your replacement unit. We will ensure that you are getting the best service based on you and your family’s needs as well as your budget!


Heat Pump Replacement Starts With the Needs Of The Home.

Are experiencing problems with your current HVAC system? Is it heating or cooling some rooms more than others? Have you noticed a spike in your elective bill? We take all of these things into effect when evaluating your home and deciding on the best unit to install. 


Rebates and Tax Credits For Your Replacement.

Many people don’t know that local power companies and the government have incentives that help improve the quality of your home heating and cooling system. Inquire to learn more about other tax credits and rebates available.



A Halifax Heat Pump Experts advisor will come out and measure your home’s system performance. From there they will make recommendations based on their findings. Your advisor will then explain their recommendations, including costs and the changes being made to your system. You will be informed of which Technician will be installing your new system. Your advisor is there to answer any questions you may have, so ask away!



A routine installation will only take about a day and can be scheduled with your Halifax Heat Pump Experts advisor. We at Halifax Heat Pump Experts will work with your schedule. We come prepared to service your home safely. For any installation, repair, replacement or upgrade we will use drop clothes and shoe covers to protect to your carpet and wood floors. In addition, all and any debris we create while doing the job will be removed promptly.


Final Check-Up.

After an installation is complete we test and re-test. We want to ensure that each room in your home is at the comfort level you desire. We will walk you through your new system, explaining maintenance and answering any questions you may have. We will continue to follow up in the coming weeks in order to make sure you’re still happy with the heat pump system.